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Sky People is a start up company based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The team uses drones to create 2-D and 3-D maps of urban and rural land. Sky People contracted me initially for logo design.  During my research I found that drones often look intimidating.  I took a more figurative approach, using dragonfly wing paired with a camera lens to combine the concepts of flight and photography. Next in the process was a preliminary website design. The Sky People team wanted to focus on who they are and what they do with drones, as opposed to the mahchines themselves. With this cue, I prioritized aerial phtography across the site, so visitors get a feel for the type of product they can expect.

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Making Drones Friendly

SkyPeople needed to address the fact that a lot of people find drones scary.  The first thing many people think of when drones are brought up is their military applications and surveillance.  To fight that stigma SkyPeople hosted a public event in Red Wing Minnesota in conjunction with the Environmental Learning Center.  The event focused on how drones can be used to preserve Minnesota’s forests, something many Minnesotans are passionate about.  The event was a huge success- bringing in 50 member of the community to hear speakers talk about how drones are used to create art photography, take inventory of forests, and aid in the maintenance of wild places.

In this simple design I brought the image of a drone together with a forest skyline, as well as some cheeky copy writing SkyPeople gave me to keep a light-hearted tone.

All stock photography of aerial landscapes courtesy of thank you to the artists who make their work available!